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Morocco region
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    Marrakech - MAROC

    Distribution of local Moroccan products: spices, oils, honey, dried fruits and saffron

    Casablanca - MAROC

    Export of organic natural products, local Moroccan products

    Marrakech - MAROC

    Export of argan oil and local products

    Aït Melloul - MAROC

    Production of honey and natural bio-cosmetics

    Safi - MAROC

    Production and sale of natural cosmetic and edible oils

    Berrechid - MAROC

    Marketing of local Moroccan products

    Meknès - MAROC

    Canned fruits and vegetables, edible oils

    Kénitra - MAROC

    Moroccan local products, food and cosmetics

    Agadir - MAROC

    Food and cosmetic argan oil, honey, amlou and organic cosmetic products

    Marrakech - MAROC

    production of organic argan oil

    Casablanca - MAROC

    Sale of argan oil and argan oil cosmetics

    Essaouira - MAROC

    production of argan oil

    Agadir - MAROC

    Production and export of organic argan and prickly pear oil

    Marrakech - MAROC

    Extraction of pure vegetable oils, distillation of organic essential oils and their hydrosols

    Marrakech - MAROC

    Production of natural cosmetics

    Casablanca - MAROC

    production of argan oil and its derivatives, olive oil

    Casablanca - MAROC

    Production and distribution of cosmetics based on argan oil

    Taroudant - MAROC

    Women's agricultural cooperative

    Casablanca - MAROC

    Manufacture of cosmetics and personal hygiene products