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Morocco region
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    Marrakech - MAROC

    Distribution of local Moroccan products: spices, oils, honey, dried fruits and saffron

    Marrakech - MAROC

    Agricultural products: citrus fruits

    Sebt El Guerdane - MAROC

    Packaging of citrus fruits and early vegetables

    Fés - MAROC

    Production and bottling of olive oil. black olive

    Agadir - MAROC

    Group of 9 fruit and vegetable exporters

    Ksar El Kébir - MAROC

    Export, cultivation and packaging of blueberries

    Tit Mellil - MAROC

    Production, packaging and marketing of fruits and vegetables

    Casablanca - MAROC

    citrus production and export

    Casablanca - MAROC

    Producer of cut flowers and cuttings, and avocados

    El Hajeb - MAROC

    Production of agricultural products, viticulture

    Agadir - MAROC

    Production of early vegetables and fruits

    Casablanca - MAROC

    Herbalism, plants, essential oils, spices, minerals

    Taroudant - MAROC

    Production of orange juice, animal feed, dairy products. Integrated slaughterhouse

    Fés - MAROC

    Drying, packaging of dried fruits. Crisps, snacks

    Aït Melloul - MAROC

    Production of honey and natural bio-cosmetics

    Dakhla - MAROC

    Export & sale of fresh and frozen fish, vegetables, fruits, soft drinks and cereals

    Marrakech - MAROC

    Packaging of medicinal plants and teas

    Larache - MAROC

    Production and export of fresh and frozen red fruits