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    Casablanca - MAROC

    import and manufacture of agricultural equipment

    Meknès - MAROC

    Agricultural equipment: Supply, maintenance and services

    Agadir - MAROC

    Sale of machinery, trucks and equipment. Manufacture of exhaust pipes

    Berrechid - MAROC

    Importer of agricultural tractors, agricultural machinery, spare parts and utility vehicles

    Casablanca - MAROC

    Agricultural equipment, accompanying equipment

    Casablanca - MAROC

    Agro-industrial equipment and repair. Drilling and equipment

    Casablanca - MAROC

    Distribution, renovation of parts for public works equipment

    Aït Melloul - MAROC

    Pumps, alternators, motors. agricultural material

    Casablanca - MAROC

    Industrial and public works spare parts

    Rabat - MAROC

    Manufacture of agricultural equipment

    Casablanca - MAROC

    Marketing of agricultural and handling equipment

    Casablanca - MAROC

    Importer of spare parts for construction machinery, mines and quarries, industry and agriculture